Distrix, the immeasurably energetic American hardstyle DJ and producer, is one that holds no punches and can only be described as pounding, fierce, and in your face energy.

From very early on, Distrix was a huge music fan, and as many artists do, he progressed through different genres before arriving at his chosen sound. In 2003, when his musical journey started, he began with the sounds of hard house, hard trance, and breaks. But as soon as he discovered hardstyle, it immediately brought him immense happiness. It was then he realized, he’d discovered the genre that would take his musical journey in a more serious and professional direction. He wanted to ignite the same passion for the love of hardstyle in others.

Although Distrix is known for rawphoric hardstyle, he also delves into the sound of hardcore. Either way, his music is all about uplifting power and energy, giving listeners an overwhelming emotional powerful experience.

If energetic and powerful music is your thing, make sure you put Distrix on your list of ones to watch for.