Dj Thera, the founder of Theracords, has an incredible impressive resume. He is known for his significant unique style and a positive energetic attitude. There is no other artist that provides such amount of energy on stage, which is something you have to witness yourself to believe it.

His performances have taken him to The Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Australia, Russia, Spain, Chile, Czech, France and even Ukraine. Known as a huge supporter for more diversity, Dj Thera played sets ranging from hardtrance, early Hardstyle towards Raw Hardstyle and industrial hardcore. In Holland, Germany and Belgium he pretty much played at every big event, such as Hard Bass, Defqon 1, Decibel, Emporium, Intents Festival, Q-Base, Syndicate,The Qontinent and Daydream Festival and he even made some very memorable anthem for events like Dance Valley, Beat The Bridge and Ground Zero!

Production wise Dj Thera has produced 3 solo albums (Training Sessions, The New Era and Diversity Is Key Pt 1) and one label album (The Opposition) and has had over 200 other releases and remixes. With having his first ever release already back in 2000 when the word Hardstyle was still completely new, it is safe to say Dj Thera is a true legend for constantly changing up and developing the DNA of Hardstyle in creative and unique ways and he is still going strong!