DJ, producer, and father Jimmy Navarro, better known as Jimmy X, started in upstate New York where he split his time between New York City and Washington D.C. A seasoned DJ, his music career began playing at local parties and clubs. Jimmy found his true passion after attending Omega Recordings Studios in Maryland to learn the art of audio engineering. After years of focus as a studio engineer in various New York City recording studios, he decided to return to D.C. to dedicate his time to his own music career which included briey working with legendary artists Deep Dish. His career took another step forward after being discovered by producer DJ Self, a pioneer of the US Hard House sound . Jimmy saw rst release in 2001 on Los Angeles’s label Musik Faktory and quickly after released a storm of releases on Resistance Recordings (USA), Rotterdam Tekno (NL), Nemek Music (USA), and his own Hard Kryptic Records (USA) where his music was regularly licensed on top hard house compilations. In 2006, Jimmy co-founded label group Hard X Music with fellow producer How Hard. Under Hard X Music, the duo started label Hard Kryptic Records whose catalog and its sublabels have celebrated many of the biggest names in hardcore and hard dance while focusing in pushing the best underground talent.